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Why did a product change colors?

If you notice that a prior scan has changed colors from say, red to yellow or yellow to green, it means we have made a change to our dataset that has impacted how we classify it. We publish data updates ever 1-2 weeks and will always notify you by email when changes occur.

Here are the main reasons why a product may be reclassified and change colors in the app:

  • The product was recently certified or verified as safe by the manufacturer.
  • The product was reformulated and has a new list of ingredients.
  • The product contained a data error (misspelling, incorrect ingredients, formatting, etc.).
  • [FODMAP only] An ingredient in the product has been tested or retested, and the FODMAP content has changed.
  • [FODMAP only] An ingredient in the product is considered an “exception”. For example, apple cider vinegar is green, even though it contains the word apple, which is red.
  • [FODMAP only] The product or product type is deemed low FODMAP by our FODMAP-trained dietitian team (e.g. some sourdough breads and cheeses).

If you see a product change colors between the Discover feed and when you tap on it, this is a bug. Please report it by tapping the flag icon and sending us a message.

Updated on February 14, 2023
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