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How to submit a product that won’t scan

When you scan a product that isn’t in our database, you’ll see a popup that asks if you’d like to submit it for review. If you choose to do so, you’ll need to send us two photos:

  1. Photo showing the brand & product name
  2. Photo showing the ingredient list (including any allergen statements)

Make sure that both of these photos are clear, shot with good lighting, and cover all of the requested information. This will make it a lot easier for the Spoonful team to provide you with an accurate and timely response.

After you submit

Once submitted, we will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner via email. If you are a Spoonful Unlimited user, we guarantee a response within day business days from the time you submitted. If you are on the Spoonful Basic plan, we do our best to give you a response in a timely manner, but cannot guarantee a timeframe.

The email will be sent to the address listed on your Spoonful account and will contain a link to the product result. The result will provide a color reading of the product and a description of each ingredient flagged by our scanner.

Updated on May 19, 2022
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