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Gluten free yellow icons

Some of the products you scan may have yellow ingredients with icons next to them. Each icon gives more context as to why the ingredient was marked.

Arrow: This ingredient is at high risk for cross contamination. Tap to learn more. (For example, “oats” do not contain gluten in their natural state but can become contaminated with other gluten-containing grains during harvesting.)

Magnifying Glass (US only): This ingredient could contain gluten, depending on the source. Tap to learn more. (For example, “flavors” on an ingredient list could be derived from a variety of sources. We recommend you contact the manufacturer for more information.)

Pie (US only): This ingredient has been processed in a way that likely involves gluten. Tap to learn more. (For example, “barley grass”, or the leaf of the barley plant, could be gluten free if picked before sprouting and seed production. For celiac safety, however, look for a certification.)

Martini Glass (US only). This ingredient is a type of alcohol which may include gluten. (For example, “whisky” is a distilled alcohol which removes gluten; however, gluten may have been added back as a flavoring after the distillation process so we recommend contacting the manufacturer.)

Updated on February 7, 2022
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