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Vegan Colors Explained

Note: This tutorial assumes you have set Spoonful to evaluate products according to the vegan diet. To confirm, tap the menu icon on the Discover tab and select Diet –> Vegan.

Spoonful’s vegan scanner helps you steer clear of animal products by underlining any animal or animal-derived ingredients in your food. We display scan results in a simple green / yellow / red system, so you can quickly get the advice you need.

Green: These products are likely vegan as they contain no animal or animal-derived products.

Yellow: These products could be vegan, but there are ingredients like glycerin, natural flavors, and calcium that may be animal derived. Your best bet for these is to call the manufacturer and confirm that none of the underlined ingredients were made from or using animals.

Red: These products are not vegan as they contain animal or animal-derived ingredients.

Further information on green results

You may notice that some of the green products you view have different messages underneath. These messages take into account things like vegan claims and third party vegan certifications to give you that extra level of confidence when choosing a product.

Updated on May 19, 2022
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