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FODMAP ingredients that differ by country

Due to country-specific labeling rules, some ingredients can be low FODMAP in one country and moderate or high FODMAP in another. These nuances are currently reflected in the Spoonful app, but not on the Spoonful website (since we don’t ask for your location). On the website, we default to US rules, the specifics of which are mentioned below.

Natural Flavors

In the US and UK, we mark the ingredient “natural flavors” yellow, because it may contain onion or garlic in savory foods. In Canada, Australia, and New Zealand we mark it green, because onion and garlic must be noted separately.

Dehydrated Vegetables and Vegetable Powder

In the US and Canada, we mark these ingredients yellow, but they are considered red in UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Updated on February 7, 2022
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